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We strive to raise the best cattle possible for the northern Sandhills of Nebraska. Our goal is to stay true to the phenotype necessary to thrive here but push the genetic boundaries for carcass traits. We want cows that are deep and productive, have maternal efficiency, and produce calves with high EPDs for sustainability and consumer traits. Ultimately, our goal is to have every head here meet those challenging standards. Our cows need to be able to graze and maintain productivity in an area of sandy soils and thin grass populations. This means moderate mature size and easy-fleshing genetics have to be our mainstay. Our climate here ranges from -20 (not counting wind chill) to +100 so our cattle need to be tough and the Angus breed meets that challenge. We also raise a few easy-fleshing SimAngus bulls and often have some very high quality SimAngus heifers for sale as well. Any cow making it here in the Sandhills will thrive in most other places.

We have spent the last 34 years in the cattle business, every year we aim to make our best better and technology is helping this goal greatly. We've invested in genomic testing for our entire cow herd to help us make better mating decisions, expediting the process of improving our genetic offering. We study EPDs and genomic numbers during the winter months and plan our next breeding season with deliberate phenotypic & genomic goals in mind. We have worked many years to make important gains where we could genetically, with a very low budget inputs and no outside hired labor. We are now ready to promote the results of our effort and God's blessings as we feel we have some outstanding phenotypic and genomic combinations to offer.

We feel it is our duty and responsibility as seedstock producers to make sure the cattle we are selling have what the cow-calf guy needs, and just as importantly, what the consumer needs. Bull buying is like looking at an iceberg-what's showing is only a small part of the picture. The genomic information-the economic benefit in DNA, is what the value hiding underneath will (or will not) add to a load of slaughter cattle. We love the challenge to produce and offer the best combination of both.

Granddaughter with Buddy 2020 was our granddaughter's first year in 4-H. Her project was a friendly SimAngus steer she named "Buddy". She did a fabulous job and benefited with a boost in self-confidence.

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